Long Lasting Results

Are you thinking of liposuction? Exhausted from daily gym training?

Here at Slim Center Fort Lee, NJ we use a unique and individual approach to each customer in order to help on their way to their perfect body. Whether your goal is fat loss, body sculpting or cellulite treatment, we are confident we can help!

Most Of Our Customers Can See Visible Results Even After The First Sessions! 


Long lasting results you can keep for YEARS.

We are offering several options that are absolutely painless, require neither much time nor any overwhelming activities, affordable and nonsurgical, which means that we won't risk your health! 

NEW! Shockwave Therapy!

This treatment showed significant results in cellulite treatment and reduction. Nowadays it is used to break down enlarged fat cells, restore connective tissues, and improve skin elasticity. Take your chance and try out our newest addition today!

Each massage is only $59.50 per session.

Remember! This is the ONLY place in Northern New Jersey where you can get this treatment!

Shockwave therapy fort lee nj
Electric Muscle Stimulation

Electric Muscle Stimulation & Body Sculpting with EMsculpt

Our customers have a choice to get EMsculpt or Electric Muscle Stimulation  is the process that we use to create muscle foundation for our customers to enhance their gym results! Here we are also using designated machines that will create muscle contraction using electromagnetic impulses. Due to the intensity and efficiency of contractions, a regular session at the Slim Center is more effective in a single treatment, than a few weeks spent in the gym.


Single session           $450

3 pack                         $1200

6 pack                         $2500

Cavitation and RF Massages

Due to our desire to help our customers in a wide variety of aspects we would like to recommend the use of Cavitation and RF massages. With our Cavitation massage, we are capable of targeting specific areas in order to liquefy and release fat cells into the bloodstream by using low-frequency sound waves. RF massages, on the other hand, help in cellulite treatment and prevention along with skin tightening by using high-frequency electrical currents in order to reach selected tissues, such as dermis and hypodermis, boosting collagen production and blood circulation!


Each massage is $29.50 per 15 minutes session.

Cellulite removal complex treatment

Laser Treatment

Unlike traditional liposuction, our Laser treatment is offering a non-surgical laser technology that is not removing the cells completely but instead shrinking them.


During each session, we will be placing designated pods with laser diodes onto your skin. The laser energy will be penetrating fat cells and will melt fat inside the fat cells, which will result in fat cells releasing stored water, glycerol, and fatty acids into the body where it will be naturally digested via the lymphatic system.

Single session            $55

3 pack                        $145

6 pack                        $250

Cavitation and RF massages fort lee nj

Complex treatment

Of course, in case if you would like to take care of your body from all aspects and to reshape your structure more significantly, we are happy to offer complex treatments. This includes all previously mentioned techniques. Depending on your personal needs and your initial body condition, it might take a few sessions to achieve significant results. Our specialists will be happy to offer you the whole range of our techniques and knowledge in order to achieve what you are looking for.


1 complex treatment           $175

3 complex treatments         $450

Laser treatment body sculpting

You CAN Look Fabulous!

*Individual results will vary from person to person.

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