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Ayran, the best drink to loose weight.

If you like to loose weight you can drink unlimited amount of Ayran for 21 days after 5 pm. It would be enough to keep you full and not hungry at all. After 21 days you will notice a dramatic change in your appetite and size.


Ayran, which is also known as the non-alcoholic national drink, is made of yogurt, water and salt. It is very easy to make this drink on your own by mixing all the ingredients mentioned above, according to your own taste and desired thickness. In addition to thirst quenching, it is also very healthy. It does not contain sugar.

Ayran is one of the fundamental drinks of Asian culture dating back to Central Asia. The Gokturks are thought to have first developed ayran thousands of years ago by diluting bitter yoghurt with water to improve its flavor.

It is usually served chilled as an appetizer. It goes quite well with doners, pastries and kebabs as well as main course dishes. You can drink ayran plain or add mint, dill.

By Onur Kanan

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